Places of Interest



Dudutki is one of the most popular museums in Belarus featuring ancient folk crafts and technologies. Traditional Belarusian food and drinks are served during the tour.

Address: Ptich Village, Pukhovichi District, Minsk Region

Open 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday

Telephone: +375 17 133 07 47; fax: +375 17 132 11 77

Mobile: +375 29 602 52 50 (Velcom mobile operator); +375 29 603 52 50 (Velcom mobile operator)



The Mir Castle Complex is a unique national cultural landmark listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage.  The architectural ensemble in Mir includes a museum castle of the 16th-21st centuries with 39 full-fledged expositions, earth walls, picturesque parks and pond, and the tomb chapel of the Svyatopolk-Mirskys princely family.

Address:  2 Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, Mir, Korelichi District,Grodno Region

Open: 10am to 6pm, ticket office 10am to 5.20pm

Telephone: +375 15 962 82 70 (information, 9am to 6pm) 



The Nesvizh Palace and Park Complex is the only surviving Radzivill magnate family residence in Europe, the living legend of Belarusian land.  The architectural ensemble in Nesvizh includes a magnificent palace of the 16th-21st centuries listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage, the Corpus Christi Church with a family crypt, the Town Hall and the Slutsk Gate.

Address: Palace and Park Complex, Nesvizh, Minsk Region

Open to visitors daily 10am to 6pm Entrance 10am to 5.30pm

 Telephone: +375 17 702 06 02; +375 17 702 06 60; +375 29 190 31 49 (Velcom mobile operator)


The Khatyn Memorial symbolizes the tragedy of the Belarusian nation and is a sorrowful history page from the times of WW2. 

The Khatyn road sign is located in the 54th kilometre of the Minsk–Vitebsk M-3 Roadway. Drive a 5-kilometre distance to get to the National Khatyn Memorial Complex.

223110 Logoisk District, Minsk Region
Telephone/fax: +375 17 745 57 87


The Strochitsy Folk Architecture and Ethnography Museum

The one-of-a-kind open-air museum features samples of folk wooden architecture from all regions of Belarus. Houses, barns, mills, a tavern, churches, items of peasant's households dating back to late 19th and early 20th centuries have been gathered across the entire country and collected in a picturesque site near the village of Ozertso.Strochitsy is a frequent venue for traditional national festivities.

Open 10am to 4pm November to April

          10am to 6.20pm May to October 

To get there by car take the south-west direction from the Minsk Belt Highway and drive 7 kilometres to the village of Ozertso.  

Telephone: +375 17 209 41 63 (except Saturday and Sunday)
                   +375 17 507  6937 (except Monday and Tuesday);
                   +375 29 697 89 01 (Velcom mobile operator).